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Paradigm Shift

feat. Emilie Mayer, Louise Farrenc, Nadia Boulanger, Fanny Hensel & Amy Beach

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When it comes to perception of women composers, it's probably fair to say that on balance it's the historical ones who have the farthest to climb still when it comes to being recognised today.

Recognised as serious composers, that is, whose music is worthy of being widely performed and studied, rather than as composers viewed with sympathy as probable talents who never really got going due to the social strictures of their times. Of course when the proof is in the hearing, the only way to change that perception is to determinedly hunt out and programme historical female composers' works.

This is now beginning to happen, but there's still a way to go, so this World Women's Day Collection from Grammofy builds on that work with five nineteenth and early twentieth century works by women which are every bit as good as what their male contemporaries were churning out; just done so with far more obstacles in their paths.

The five are: Emilie Mayer's Symphony No 4, Louise Farrenc's Melodie in B flat major for solo piano, Nadia Boulanger's 3 Pieces for Cello and Piano, Fanny Hensel (or Mendelssohn's) String Quartet, and Amy Beach's Piano Concerto.

Curation & Text: Natascha Klotschkoff, Charlotte Gardner

Speaker: Charlotte Gardner

Visual Art: Philipp Nicolai Hertel

  • Paradigm Shift

  • An introduction to Mayer, Malzew — Symphony No. 4 in b minor

  • Symphony No. 4 in b minor Preview Only

    Emilie Mayer (arr. Stefan Malzew)

    Stefan Malzew, Neubrandenburg Philharmonie2012 - 2016
  • An introduction to Farrenc — Melodie in A flat major

  • Melodie in A flat major Preview Only

    Louise Farrenc

    Brigitte Engerer2005
  • An introduction to Boulanger — Trois pièces for cello and piano

  • Trois pièces for cello and piano Preview Only

    Nadia Boulanger

    Nicolas Altstaedt, José Maria Gallardo del Rey2008
  • An introduction to Hensel — String Quartet in E flat major

  • String Quartet in E flat major Preview Only

    Fanny Hensel

    Quatuor Ébène2012
  • An introduction to Beach — Piano Concerto in c sharp minor

  • Piano Concerto in c sharp minor Preview Only

    Amy Beach

    Alan Feinberg, Nashville Symphony, Kenneth Schermerhorn2002

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