In Pictures – Classical Music in the Movies

Feat. Strauss, Verdi, Ligeti, Tchaikovsky & Mozart

Film music - often little more than background, providing “cheap effects” and guiding our emotions…

However, sometimes a film’s score becomes as valuable and important as the images themselves - and it does far more than set the mood: it becomes an integral piece of the film itself: images and music intertwine, enhancing or even challenging one another. Frequently, music is composed specifically for a film, but in this collection we’ll hear examples of classical music that have been brilliantly - and in some cases famously - chosen, which don't simply support, but enhance the films in which they appear!

Curation: Lukas Krohn-Grimberghe

Speaker: David Hall

Visual Art: Philipp Nicolai Hertel

  • In Pictures – Classical Music in the Movies

  • An introduction to Strauss, R — Also sprach Zarathustra op. 30

  • Also sprach Zarathustra op. 30 Preview Only

    Richard Strauss

    Edward Gardner, National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain2016
  • An introduction to Verdi — La Traviata

  • La Traviata Preview Only

    Giuseppe Verdi

    Josef Krips, Ileana Cotrubas, Edita Gruberová, Emmy Loose, Nicolai Gedda, Cornell MacNeil, Kurt Equiluz, Ernst Gutstein, Harald Pröglhöf, Herbert Lackner, Mario Guggia, Rudolf Resch, Ljubomir Pantscheff, Chor der Wiener Staatsoper, Wiener Philharmoniker1971
  • An introduction to Ligeti — Musica ricercata

  • Musica ricercata Preview Only

    György Ligeti

    Liisa Pohjola1974
  • An introduction to Tchaikovsky — Swan Lake Suite op. 20

  • Swan Lake Suite op. 20 Preview Only

    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

    Yuri Temirkanov, St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra2008
  • An introduction to Mozart — Requiem in d minor KV 626

  • Requiem in d minor KV 626 Preview Only

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Karl Böhm, Teresa Stich-Randall, Ira Malaniuk, Waldemar Kmentt, Ira Böhme, Wiener Symphoniker, Chor der Wiener Staatsoper1956

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