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Divine Geometry

feat. Pärt, Bach, Glass, Vivaldi & Reich

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Geometry: the area of mathematics relating to the study of space and the relationships between points, lines, curves and surfaces.

Or, the ways the parts of a particular object fit together. That's what the Cambridge Dictionary has to say on the subject, and so really all music is geometric. However we've put together some pretty divine examples of it for this particular collection, and you'll quickly spot that it's a collection over which the symmetry of minimalism reigns supreme, which we've then programmed in correspondingly symmetrical fashion.

So we open with Vanessa Wagner playing Arvo Pärt 's short piano work, Für Alina. We close with Steve Reich's Pulse played by the Colin Currie Group and International Contemporary Ensemble. And the collection's middle point is occupied by Philip Glass's symmetrical-feeling Violin Concerto, performed here by Gidon Kremer.

Then the two works nestling between that trio are Baroque ones: Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No 5 from the Berliner Barock Solisten, and Vivaldi's D major Lute Concerto from Avi Avital and the Venice Baroque Orchestra.

Curation & Text: Natascha Klotschkoff, Charlotte Gardner

Speaker: Charlotte Gardner

Visual Art: Philipp Nicolai Hertel

  • Divine Geometry

  • An introduction to Pärt — Für Alina

  • Für Alina Preview Only

    Arvo Pärt

    Vanessa Wagner2018
  • An introduction to Bach — Brandenburgische Konzerte Nr. 5 BWV 1050

  • Brandenburgische Konzerte Nr. 5 BWV 1050 Preview Only

    Johann Sebastian Bach

    Emmanuel Pahud, Rainer Kussmaul, Berliner Barock Solisten2000
  • An introduction to Glass — Violin Concerto

  • Violin Concerto Preview Only

    Philip Glass

    Gidon Kremer, Wiener Philharmoniker, Christoph von Dohnányi1992
  • An introduction to Vivaldi — Concerto in D major RV 93

  • Concerto in D major RV 93 Preview Only

    Antonio Vivaldi

    Avi Avital, Venice Baroque Orchestra2014
  • An introduction to Reich — Pulse

  • Pulse Preview Only

    Steve Reich

    Colin Currie, Colin Currie Group2017

(Preview Only)