1. 3h 20min

    Winter Wonderland

    feat. Prokofiev, Mendelssohn, Vivaldi, Handel & more

  2. 2h 35min

    Autumn Leaves

    feat. Elgar, Brahms, Beethoven, Schubert & Handel

  3. 1h 04min

    Introducing Maria Callas

    feat. Bizet, Ponchielli, Verdi, Donizetti & Puccini

  4. 8h 48min

    Introducing Rossini

    feat. the Master himself

  5. 1h 45min

    Angel Voices

    feat. Duruflé, J.C.Bach, Mozart, Hasse & Fauré

  6. 2h 12min

    Introducing Renaud Capuçon

    feat. Morricone, John Williams, Brahms & Korngold

  7. 2h 20min

    Fantastic Beasts

    Mendelssohn, Saint-Saëns, Royer & Parry

  8. 2h 29min

    Too Hot to Handle

    feat. Nielsen, Debussy, Prokofiev, Berio & Tchaikovsky

  9. 1h 50min

    Happy Birthday, Lenny!

    Introducing Bernstein, the Composer

  10. 2h 24min

    Summer Holiday Collection 2018

    feat. Liszt, Lully, Brahms, Caroline Shaw & Mendelssohn

  11. 3h 26min

    Celluloid Rewind

    feat. Dvořák, Holst, Vivaldi, Brahms & Elgar

  12. 2h 33min

    Master Engineers

    feat. Bach, Liszt, Dutilleux, R. Strauss & Tallis

  13. 2h 35min

    The Art of String Quartet Vol. 1

    feat. Shostakovich, Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy & Mendelssohn

  14. 6h 45min

    Unfinished Business

    Feat. Schubert, Puccini, Mozart, Berg, Berio

  15. 1h 18min

    Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope

    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by John Williams

  16. 4h 43min

    Easter Surprise

    feat. Bach, Beethoven, Respighi, L’Héritier & Mahler

  17. 1h 51min


    feat. Dvořák, Britten, Glass, Glazunov & Chopin

  18. 1h 14min

    Between Solitude and Loneliness

    feat. Schubert, Starer, Purcell, Carter & Satie

  19. 1h 37min

    The Birds

    feat. Stravinsky, Rautavaara, Respighi, Vivaldi & Dvořák

  20. 2h 16min

    Violà Viola

    feat. Berlioz, Schumann, Shostakovich, Walton & Bach

  21. 4h 49min

    In Pictures – Classical Music in the Movies

    Feat. Strauss, Verdi, Ligeti, Tchaikovsky & Mozart

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