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Grammofy? Features Timeless Music.

Elevating the classical music experience while bridging the worlds of on-demand streaming and radio. Our goal is to help you discover, enjoy and share classical music. Designed to facilitate classical music exploration via our proprietary search engine, we also select for you the best of classical music’s past and present.

GRAMMOFY offers access to an ever growing catalogue of music from old gems to latest releases alongside neatly packaged collections. Easily compare different recordings and build your own collection of favourite tunes.

GRAMMOFY launched as a standalone music streaming service in Mai 2016 and as such attracted several thousand music listeners from over 15 countries. We are proud to say that we were the first classical streaming service to introduce a new revenue-share model which accounted for the actual duration streamed rather than just the number of tracks. However, we came to realise that most listeners simply can’t afford to pay a premium fee for several music streaming services and the majority of our listeners was already paying for a subscription with Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer. This made us rethink our value proposition and we ultimately decided to re-launch and position GRAMMOFY as an add-on to these other services, which lack the knowledge, depth of data as well as UI to properly accommodate classical music.

  1. Meet our team

  2. Lukas Krohn-Grimberge

    Founder, CEO

    Lukas is Grammofy’s founder and CEO. Drawing on extensive professional and academic experiences in the music industries as well as the startup world, Lukas is responsible for business development and the strategic management of Grammofy.

  3. Natascha Klotschkoff

    Marketing, Curation

    Natascha is in charge of Marketing and Curation and brings together all the bits and pieces that form your weekly collection experience. Having managed and played in many different orchestras and ensembles she knows the industry inside out and has strong relations with orchestras, labels and artists.

  4. Philipp Nicolai Hertel

    Design, Branding

    As a possessed typographer and multidisciplinary design process manager Philipp is responsible for the overall design concept of Grammofy. He has been working for international Design projects such as CERN and is the winner of several design awards (e.g. Good Design, 2014).

  5. Emanuel Schwarz

    Product, UX

    Emanuel is a designer, front-end developer and entrepreneur from Berlin. He takes care over Grammofy’s product design and the user experience. Emanuel is the founder of and ThingsCon and is mentoring other startups as part of the Seedcamp network.

  6. Elias Probst

    Infrastructure, IT Operations

    Elias is Grammofy’s Chief Information Officer and as such makes sure that you actually hear music when you press play. With over 15 years experience in IT and OpenSource, Elias focuses on doing things “right” – placing sustainability and the quality of a solution first.

  7. Matthias Kümmerer

    Database, Backend

    Matthias is one of two masterminds behind our tagging-system. He uses his extensive experience in software and web development as well as robotics, machine learning, probabilistic and data mining to making music accessible via modern technology.

  8. Felix Lenders

    Database, Backend

    Felix – the other one of two masterminds behind our tagging-system – has always had a passion for classical music and IT. He has extensive experience in scientific computing and puts his skills to good use ensuring our meta-data enriches your Grammofy experience.

  9. Daniel Jaffe


    Daniel has compiled and scripted Grammofy Collections since Grammofy’s founding early in 2015. He was previously on the editorial staff of three major UK classical recording magazines – Classic CD, Gramophone and BBC Music magazine – and still enjoys writing programme notes for various festivals and orchestras.

  10. David Hall


    Actor and Presenter David loves opening people’s eyes (and ears!) to new and amazing experiences. He is delighted therefore to be bringing to life, through his voice, our curators’ fabulous texts - and, through them, our wonderful collections for you…!

  11. Charlotte Gardner

    Curation, Presenter

    Charlotte is one of the two curators programming and scripting our collections, and also one of our two voiceover artists. As a recordings critic for Gramophone magazine, an author of classical music apps, and with a previous career in radio production, Grammofy’s a bit of a dream combination for her.

  12. Paul Götze


    As a software developer Paul builds our APIs and web apps. He makes sure everything runs smoothly and always keeps an eye on that our code is designed well and our systems are consistent.

Strong Partners and lasting support

Today millions of recordings are instantly available and hundreds more are released every month. Not only is this more than you could ever listen to in a lifetime, with the number of artists and recordings it’s also easy to get lost. We believe that classical music deserves some special treatment and therefore are working closely with labels and partners to ensure we always deliver the best musical experience.

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