Dear Listeners,

On Wednesday October 30th closed its virtual doors. Five years ago we set out to make classical music more accessible and music streaming fairer. We succeeded in building a beautiful product that bridged on-demand streaming and radio. It also opened the richness of classical music to new audiences around the world.

Last year we relaunched Grammofy as an add-on to Spotify. Using the Spotify connection enabled us to continue to serve our audience. Spotify’s rules, unfortunately, prevent us from charging fees or running advertisements. So the options to offset our costs for the service and curation are very limited.

After many highs, lows, joys, and frustrations, we will now change our focus to partnering with other media companies. This way we can continue our mission but also make it financially viable. This means Grammofy might return soon under another brand.

We want to thank all our partners, investors, and friends who put their trust in us and who supported us along the way. And we want to thank you, our many listeners, who kept us going all these years!

Thank you!

The Grammofy Team – Natascha, Charlotte, Elias, Felix, Matthias, Paul, Philipp, Emanuel, Jesper and Lukas

Notes from our listeners

I joined Grammofy a few weeks ago and had to email to tell you how much I LOVE what you‘ve done.

This is a luxurious App. It feels handcrafted like a box of high end Belgian chocolates.

I didn‘t know I was looking for a new music app until I found yours. Thank you!

For those who want to experience and learn about Classical in a magnificent home... Download Grammofy now.

Your station is some of the best listening I’ve ever had.

THANK YOU! & good luck.

Grammofy has been one of the most surprising and beautiful ideas in the world of classical music. Really sad to see you go!

Best of luck to you! I will miss Grammofy a lot...

Let me tell ou how extraordinary your work has been.

Thank you for all your wonderful work.